Apex strives to provide high-quality asphalt construction and maintenance to Denver area property owners and managers. We are dedicated to providing our products and services in a superior, customer-oriented manner.


Wide Asphalt Pavement Construction - Apex Pavement Solutions

Installations for new parking lots can be completed at varied depth to plans and specifications. An asphalt overlay involves paving a new layer of asphalt over the top of existing…

Road Builders Destroying Damaged Asphalt - Apex Pavement Solutions

Badly deteriorated or damaged areas of asphalt require complete removal and replacement for an effective repair. In many cases the subgrade below the asphalt needs to be

Road Builders Using Asphalt Paving Machine - Apex Pavement Solutions

Infrared repairs are superior to the traditional methods of saw cut remove and replace in many circumstances because the asphalt is heated and bonds the asphalt cement…

Road Builders Manually Sealing the Crack - Apex Pavement Solutions

CRACK SEAL Common small surface distresses, especially cracks and deterioration around joints can, if not treated, cause problems that can eventually require more costly repairs. 

Asphalt Pavement Parking Lot - Apex Pavement Solutions

Parking Lot Seal Coating or Driveway Seal Coating is the act of placing a liquid emulsion called sealant over an asphalt base. It is typically applied over clean asphalt with a spray…

Marking and Striping Asphalt Parking Lot - Apex Pavement Solutions

Striping and marking is the finishing touch to a beautifully designed and installed asphalt parking lot. Whether it is a new parking lot, a fresh asphalt overlay or newly applied seal coat…

White Curb and Gutter - Apex Pavement Solutions

The use of curbs and gutters protects the edge of the asphalt from damage due to vehicle loads. Vehicles driving and/or parking to close to the edge of an asphalt driveway will cause…

Straight Concrete Side Walk - Apex Pavement Solutions

The average life of concrete sidewalks is 20 to 40 years, but failure can occur as early as one to five years after construction. Many of the…



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